Monday, 25 February 2013

Eventful Feb: World Book Fair + Surajkund Crafts Mela

I'll just start with Surajkund Crafts Mela first. There are reasons for it. See, first, it started before the Book Fair did and I went there before I had a chance to check out the book fair. Second, I have been visiting the Surajkund Mela since I was a little child. For those who don't know what this is, a little background: Surajkund is a place in Haryana, a little while away from Delhi (its part of the NCR) and every year, in the first two weeks of February, the Haryana government organises a fair or a mela to celebrate and promote the beautiful crafts of India and even of some of the other countries (like Nepal, Bhutan and so on). The "look" of this event is very rustic... they host it at the exact same place every year which is a large ground with a rustic, rural look. The craftsmen sit in stalls with thatched roofs (thus completing the rustic look) and everything is amazing!
The decorations!!
One of the stalls at Surajkund mela.
See, told ya, rustic feel and all.
The statue of the Goddess killing the demon was too pretty... I had to click it.
More stuff.

I went there only once this year because of the usual reasons of work and being busy etc. I don't have much to tell you about this year's mela because of that and also because the one time I went there this year, it was pouring like crazy, so that made the crowd a lot lesser and the craftsmen a little damp and it was evening time. But I loved whatever I saw nontheless. Here are some pictures I managed to click of this year's Surajkund Mela...
What is this thing? Why was it even there on display in a Book Fair? Loved it anyhow!
Okay, so now time for one of the events that I wait for all year round: New Delhi World Book Fair. Yay!! I swear, going there is like going on a mission for me. I just have one pic of this year's Book Fair (and it's a very weird pic, as you will see in a bit) because frankly, I was two busy oggling at the books than clicking pictures. I go to the Book Fair armed: running shoes, a bottle of water, sunglasses and food. All ready to go. And then I hunt.

I brought some books this year, not too many because I have to "study" and not get distracted. But I absolutely fell in love with two of the books I brought at the Book Fair. The first one is a short story collection that took my breath away called The Gurkha's Daughter by Prajwal Parajuly and the other one is a brilliant novel by Devdutt Pattanaik called The Pregnant King. But more on those two later if I ever decide to write book reviews on the blog. Also, this shows that I do, in fact, read Indian authors.

 Let's see, what else happened? Oh a cousin of mine got married on Valentine's Day. The followings are pictures of the mehendi I got on my hand.
The mehendi right after application.
The mehendi, the day after, all dried of and dark.
 That's pretty much all that happened, really. Unless you count a friend of mine having (in his own words) a "How I Met Your Mother moment" where he insists he saw his soul mate at Starbucks today, didn't even to speak to her but kept talking about her non-stop.

That's all for now.


Ajay Kontham said...

Nice snaps. :)

That's all in a month. You did a lot of traveling, I guess, right ?

@How I Met Your Mother Moment : Like the Ted Mosby one? #JustAsking Because so far, Ted hasn't found his soul mate, even after 8 seasons. :P

Anya said...

Thank you and yes, all in a month. Didn't do a lot of traveling unless you count roaming about in the city itself.

HIMYM yes like Ted Mosby where technically he already has found his soul-mate and is telling his story in a flashback to his kids (the kids obviously don't have a life) friend imagined how he'd tell his story to his future kids one day..

Ajay Kontham said...

I just dropped by to say that you have been awarded "Creative Blogger Award".

The Shaded Shadows™!!!
(Please follow this link for more details.)

Take Care and Keep Writing.
Cheers. :D
Ajay Kontham