Thursday, 8 November 2012

Unwell and sleep deprived

It's getting colder in Delhi by the minute. Also, foggier. I don't get it. As far as I remember, early November wasn't this cold but maybe I'm losing memory. I'm not entirely sure which of the two it is. Anyway, I've managed to get a slight cold in this weather, which to be fair on myself, wasn't that difficult.

On top of that, I couldn't get any sleep last night. I wasn't sleeping at my house, I was somewhere else because some minor renovation work made it impossible to sleep at home last night. Not that I got any sleep at all where I was. I am fortunate enough to not have any problems adjusting to a new bed (a new pillow, however, is an exception) but before I could even doze off, my chances of sleeping were battered by loud bass noises coming from a nearby "party". We were told this morning that it was a Diwali Card Party of some sort which didn't explain anything to me... not a good enough reason to not let a person who's unwell to keep up all night. So there I was, listening to that somewhat low but persistent dhump dhump dhump, lying wide awake with a headache, body-ache and a very sore throat.  It got worse as the night went on-- it seems like all the cars from that party, and everywhere else, got together and decided to honk non-stop till 4am. That, along with the dhump dhump dhump.

 I have such a severe headache now and I'm coughing like a maniac. And I am cursing those fools in my head right now. I understand that Diwali is a joyous holiday and that everyone wants to celebrate etc etc...but COME ON! It's not even that noisy on Diwali itself!

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