Saturday, 22 August 2009

Almost Monsoon Musings

This year, the monsoon is late. In fact, there is no monsoon at all. Ofcourse, it does 'rain' once in a while but all that happens as an after effect is more humid weather & more sufferings on the part of us mortals. Though it did rain yesterday & that also along with a storm which resulted in pitch darkness at 4:30 pm & immense happiness to me. The happiness dimmed a tad bit when I was in multiple jams all over Delhi.

So, on the whole, a very hot, unbearable year. A sort of year when you want to wear a tank-top & shorts and just that. But no, life has its own rules. Public transport & a college full of crowd of men whose only work in life seems to be sitting in a group at Nescafé to check women out. I've even started carrying a scarf to metro. I could strangle myself, nay--someone else (*wink*) with it.

North Campus is an over-hyped & over-rated place. It's not half as fun & cool as they say it is. And after much thought I've come to the conclusion that Kamala Nagar a.k.a "KNags" is THE most boring place in all of Delhi.

However, North Campus gives me a large supply of people to study & most (if not all) are students. Out of everyone, I don't quite understand the category of jeans-&-kurta clad men How can they willingly stifle themselves in this obnoxious heat? How do they not feel hot? I mean, its not like they are in JNU & there is an unsaid presumption about the dress code. No. They are in DU.

I really don't understand their desire to get all suffocated in the heat. I mean, they are men; they can wear whatever they like without being stared at, talked about & finger pointed. If I were a man & it were this hot, I would go about in shorts & a lose t-shirt. Not in a pair of jeans & a kurta with its otherwise full-sleeves rolled up to three-fourth. But laissez faire prevails. Each one to his/her own.


go-phish said...

if i was a man in this heat...i might accidently Lose a shirt...or maybe all of them.

(i waaaaaaaaant THAT FREEDOM)

(without the danger of rape or being stoned to death by fanatics)

Anya said...

i swear. i like being a girl but everyone, it seems, is hell-bent on giving me hard time coz of that. i mean, u cant go anywhr without ppl bending their heads in every possible directions to get a "view". idiots.

i want that freedom too. and the men who have it, waste it on jeans...full! & kurta!! *gasp*

Aman said...

but since men don't understand how women feel the same thing can be said about women.. n beside that the attire is a totally personal choice(n i must clarify that am not one of those about whom u r talking..!!)
nothing personal..!!


Anya said...

i never said women were know-it-alls. and yes, its a personal choice, agreed. i just don't understand WHY they do that to themselves!!


Akanksha said...

i completely agree to you kamla nagar is too boring place to hang around. and wild men's are too much to handle, you just encountered it, i am just too pissed off to think about it after 3 years of commuting btw home and colg. everytime you step out, you have to worry about those staring eyes following you. god knows when we dont have to bother about such social realities

Anya said...

hahaha...funny how so many relate to THAT point. as far as that distant futuristic day goes..we all hope for it. And, if it makes you feel better, I'll be taking that insane journey for 3 years!