Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Looking Back

The year 2008, finally going away. No major regrets there. Somethings, however, are going to be missed dearly.

The A/C of 2008:
Met a lot of new people. Lost a lot poeple. And met & lost some people in the same year. Finally started writing that book. Didnt complete it (sorry, Norelle!). Sophie turned 2. I turned did that happen?? Entered the 3rd & final year of college. Gave CAT due to some unexplainable reason. Met lots of pompus people who reminded me of Professor Lockhart. Read the Twilight saga, Tales of Beedle the Bard, Little Women & Good Wives (again and empathised with Jo March), Eat, Pray, Love, Mrs. Dalloway, Chronicles of a Death Foretold, Accidental Death of an Anarchist, The Color Purple....long list. Dreamt silly dreams. Thought about doing an MA in English!! Ha!! Worked on this blog. Say feminist arguments out loud and verbally abuse some mysogynists.

Happy New Year. I hope the coming one is more stable and happy for everyone. God, are you listening?

Monday, 29 December 2008

The Hairy Tale

The day after Christmas (my birthday, you bozo!), Hugzy, Pri & I had gone down to Metropolitan in Gurgaon to “waste time”, as I call it (Reya, Jiggy D, Squirrel: *frown*). At about 5 pm, when Pri had gone off with her almost-newly-acquired boyfriend, Hugzy expressed a rather strong desire to purchase a copy of The Chronicles of Narnia. I, not wanting my gifts to be tossed about by some guard, offered to sit & wait outside at the Barista right in front of the bookstore.

Bad choice. I chose myself a nice little seat. All was well until I let my eyes wander off near the counter. On one the stools around the counter, was perched a woman, perhaps in her forties, wearing a black woolen dress. The dress was cute and feel till her knees. It wasn’t very chilly that day by some miracle & we were inside a mall, so it was warm & cozy so the knee-length woolen dress did not cause many eyebrows to raise.

But, when one’s eyes went a little down her knees (and my Lord, they did!), one would witness, to their dismay, perfectly hairy legs.

That woman was perched up, her legs showing when her legs were unwaxed. In a public place. And it was a winter evening, so she could’ve worn a stocking!

I saw many people (especially women) stare at her hairy legs. I wished dearly that Hugzy wouldn’t take long. After five long minutes, Hugzy came out triumphantly, carrying the book. I told her to look at that woman’s legs as she sat down. She did. She did and she stared.

“Stop staring!” I whispered.
“Its full growth!” she gasped.
“I noticed,” I let her know.
Hugzy racked her brain to find a word gross enough to describe her legs and finally said, “eweth!”.
“Totally eweth,” I nodded. (What, we that seen Shrek, the Third the night before!)

Thursday, 25 December 2008


There’s too much pain. Way too much pain to handle. Pain. Too much pain!

The only possible way of surviving, without losing ‘it’ (your sanity) is well, to let go of your story & enter someone else’s (I found the Twilight saga, of all things, a good companion in misery which made me laugh, cry & verbally abuse Jacob Black at the right moments).

But there’s so much pain. Every memory you had---happy ones included (for happy memory in the times gone by are more painful than the existing pain itself)---will just bring you down.

Do you know the feeling? You really want to cry. Badly. Howl your day through. But you don’t. Because you don’t have the time. Well, I don’t have the time. Nor do I have the energy. Crying & releasing yourself off that pain can be so time consuming that by the time you’re done, there’s a backlog to worry about!

Birthday tomorrow. Personally, I don’t think its such a good time for turning 20. And, unlike other 19-year-olds, its not even about biding farewell to your teenage years. Long time back, there was this fear, yes. But that was a long time back. Now, I would much rather be done away with the raging hormones. And acne (which I got at the age of 19!!).

Advice: If you’re 18, and have never had a single pimple till date, wait till you turn 19!

How did my friends stand it for years?

But yes, not a very nice time to turn 20.

Wish everyone a very happy Noel. Hope everyone I know & care about get everything they wish for and that they always wish for things and people they can get.