Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Looking Back

The year 2008, finally going away. No major regrets there. Somethings, however, are going to be missed dearly.

The A/C of 2008:
Met a lot of new people. Lost a lot poeple. And met & lost some people in the same year. Finally started writing that book. Didnt complete it (sorry, Norelle!). Sophie turned 2. I turned did that happen?? Entered the 3rd & final year of college. Gave CAT due to some unexplainable reason. Met lots of pompus people who reminded me of Professor Lockhart. Read the Twilight saga, Tales of Beedle the Bard, Little Women & Good Wives (again and empathised with Jo March), Eat, Pray, Love, Mrs. Dalloway, Chronicles of a Death Foretold, Accidental Death of an Anarchist, The Color Purple....long list. Dreamt silly dreams. Thought about doing an MA in English!! Ha!! Worked on this blog. Say feminist arguments out loud and verbally abuse some mysogynists.

Happy New Year. I hope the coming one is more stable and happy for everyone. God, are you listening?


Dark ocean lord said...

God is listening to u di.And believe me,the coming year is going to bring you happiness.
Lots and lots of it. :-)


not intellectual enough said...

how i can relate!!!

STABLE!!! God for once... LISTEN!!

Happy New year

Anya said...

Ha....busy time of the year for God just now,everyone's making resolutions and praying to God for a good yr to come. But my faith in God id intact!!
Happy new year to you both too.

S said...

Where have I heard that before?

Happy 2009 :)

Anya said...

In the collective subconcious of the youth? S,thanx and same to u!
God, read this! And Santa, u too, for u didnt gimme what I wanted for Christmas... (does Santa not give people as presents? I'm objetifying ppl!)