Monday, 29 December 2008

The Hairy Tale

The day after Christmas (my birthday, you bozo!), Hugzy, Pri & I had gone down to Metropolitan in Gurgaon to “waste time”, as I call it (Reya, Jiggy D, Squirrel: *frown*). At about 5 pm, when Pri had gone off with her almost-newly-acquired boyfriend, Hugzy expressed a rather strong desire to purchase a copy of The Chronicles of Narnia. I, not wanting my gifts to be tossed about by some guard, offered to sit & wait outside at the Barista right in front of the bookstore.

Bad choice. I chose myself a nice little seat. All was well until I let my eyes wander off near the counter. On one the stools around the counter, was perched a woman, perhaps in her forties, wearing a black woolen dress. The dress was cute and feel till her knees. It wasn’t very chilly that day by some miracle & we were inside a mall, so it was warm & cozy so the knee-length woolen dress did not cause many eyebrows to raise.

But, when one’s eyes went a little down her knees (and my Lord, they did!), one would witness, to their dismay, perfectly hairy legs.

That woman was perched up, her legs showing when her legs were unwaxed. In a public place. And it was a winter evening, so she could’ve worn a stocking!

I saw many people (especially women) stare at her hairy legs. I wished dearly that Hugzy wouldn’t take long. After five long minutes, Hugzy came out triumphantly, carrying the book. I told her to look at that woman’s legs as she sat down. She did. She did and she stared.

“Stop staring!” I whispered.
“Its full growth!” she gasped.
“I noticed,” I let her know.
Hugzy racked her brain to find a word gross enough to describe her legs and finally said, “eweth!”.
“Totally eweth,” I nodded. (What, we that seen Shrek, the Third the night before!)


me myself and the world said...

it was eweth...and it was HAIRY!!
talk about dont-give-a-damn attitude!!!

Anya said...

ya i knw i contemplate the whole gender & what-all-women-shud-do-to-look-pretty stuff...but phuleez!